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Our Mission




Did you know that there are 6.9 million horses in the United States,
including both commercial and recreational horses?

Ten point five percent of those horses are involved in racing and race horse breeding,
while about 82% are used in showing and recreation, respectively.

The remainder of the equine population is used in other activities,
such as farm and ranch work, rodeo, polo, police work, etc.

Imagine how these numbers would grow with all the horses in the entire continent.

Overwhelming Huh?

The United States is obviously very populated with these beautiful animals.

However, it is very sad that a vast number of these animals are left without dependable homes.

Caring for horses in this day and time is a lot of responsibility, and can become financially difficult.

Therefore, various individuals begin to see them as a financial burden.

This type of outlook, nevertheless, is particularly intolerable.

How many horses do you think are neglected each year?

Many individuals believe that it is okay for equine abandonment because horses roamed our land during earlier periods, yet a simple fact frequently looked over is our human population has grown massively. Our homes have taken a large percentage of grazing land, and roads and interstates have created a large amount of suburban areas. However, roaming horses can not only endanger themselves but may also create a danger to us as well, by simply disturbing the natural balance of human kind such as crossing public highways and roads.

During the past, they served as our transportation and typically a requirement. For every man, there was a horse, and with every horse, laid our survival. These animals were not just livestock in the field. They were very dependable friends who trusted us and allowed us to care for them in return of their help. Now the tables have turned and they need us for survival. Technology has grown, and these stunning creatures that our forefathers depended on extensively have been forgotten.

The question is… are we going to help?

You hear the term “Unwanted” horses. Just as the name implies, an unwanted horse is one that has, for one or more reasons, became useless to its owner. It may be a healthy horse that an owner can no longer financially care for or a horse that is dangerous to handle and has injured (or is likely to injure) people. It may also be a horse with an injury or illness and the owner is unwilling or incapable of physically taking care of it. Some horses are no longer able to perform at the level their owner desires, such as racing, pleasure riding, or some other purpose. Regardless of the reason, these horses no longer have permanent homes; as a result they become “unwanted.”

Our economy today makes it difficult to keep our personal lives intact much less taking upon another expense.

Harsh fact:
Horses' everyday are being abused, neglected, starved, and turned out to fend for them selves

Our mission is to rescue as many of these animals as we can and introduce them to kindness and compassion and get them ready for transformation to a home where they are wanted.

We have already in the past year rescued over thirteen wonderful horses. It has been very difficult financially yet we intend on continuing to help. We are now looking for supporters who would like to help as well. We need to purchase more pasture and build a more suitable stabling facility. All of our supporters will be remembered and exceptionally treasured. Once our facility is complete our supporters will have many benefits to WSR.

Our immediate goal is to acquire a large number of sponsors and horse enthusiast to help support us in as many annual rescues as possible. Any donation is greatly appreciated. If you would like to be a Support Member, please make sure we have your correct contact information. We will greatly appreciate if you would pass this information along to as many family members and friends as possible. Even if you do not want to become a member you can still support this mission by a simple one time donation or by ordering any products or services through this site. What ever your preference you are truly an appreciated supporter.

You can help change the life style of these beautiful creatures one by one by a simple act of support. You can also be the reason of joy reaching the hearts of a family in want of a wonderful companion!

Thank you for spending time to read this information and we hope to see you as one of our supporters. Please check back here frequently for updates and news.

We at WSR promise to be honest and courteous always.

With Love and Prosperity,

WSR Management


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