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The VIP Membership Program is a great way to get deeply involved with Whispering Spirits.
This program has been designed to rescue a definite twelve horses per year along with offering VIP Members top WSR Benefits.
We are ONLY excepting 100 Members into this program.
This number has been placed due to a quantity of reasons.

The major three are as follows:

1.     By accepting 100 members into this program, WSR will be funded at least $2,500.00 per month in assistance to its Rescue Pool.

2.     By accepting 100 VIP Members, WSR can prove our mission by rescuing a minimum of one horse per month, even if we had to purchase the animal, the money will be used for the complete rescue.

3.     This small number of VIP members also confirms that we are not scamming money from anyone. Twenty-five hundred dollars is a reasonable amount of money to purchase, feed, and nurture no less than one rescue each month.

In order to prove our program is legitimate, each rescue will be placed for review and home placement every 30 days.

We guarantee an honest and reliable business, at WSR.

How much does it cost?

Since we are merely accepting 100 VIP Members, the only cost for you to become a VIP is $25.00 per month.
This is the advertisement cost we charge in order to help support the WSR Rescue pool.

However, we are offering a 14 day FREE trial to all VIP Members.

This will allow us to receive your information and set up your sponsor page.

So what exactly does a VIP member get?

As a VIP member you will reap all the benefits as the general public.
This means you can:

·         Use our website for all of your equine needs, and

·         Receive a waived application fee and finance options for any rescues.

Any and all of our website benefits are at your disposal.


·         You will be given your very own sponsor page.

It will contain:

o    Your contact information

o    A list of products and services offered, and

o    A link to your business website.

Your page will generate massive amounts of traffic from our customers and members.
Just think every time our WSR website is blasted, your individual sponsor page is too!

·         You will be recognized for what you are: A WSR VIP!
After all, you ARE the one that makes any rescue possible!

The best part about the VIP program is:

·         If you are a business and have employees, your VIP Business Membership allows your employees to become members as well, with no extra cost!

·         If you are a home-based business or just an individual, your VIP Standard Membership will allow you to add up to five family members or friends!

How great is that?

Your Page will be great for advertisement to your company!

“Think about it”

How likely do you think it would be for someone to purchase products or services from a random company on the internet?

How about a company or business that helps every month with a good cause such as WSR’s Mission through advertisement cost?

With your VIP Membership you will receive emails on each rescue: Before and after photos, special descriptions on each horse, and updates to our program.  You will also receive tips on ways to make the $25.00 per month advertisement/rescue cost for life.

This is a firm way to help advertise and be part of something great!

It was once said:
“You can have anything you want in life, by helping others get what they want & need”

Here is your chance to shine and reap wonderful benefits you will not find anywhere else in the Equine Community.

So hurry, Join Us Today!

Take your slot as a VIP.
There are only 99 positions available, get yours now.

Simply complete and submit the "Become a VIP Member" form.

One of Our Team Members will contact you ASAP!

Don’t forget to check the FAQ’s below to help with your decision.


If there are no more slots vacant, DON’T LEAVE…
You can place an application on retainer in the case that a spot becomes available.
(Check FAQ’s)




Basic FAQ's

I am not a business, what will my sponsor page include?
Your personal sponsor page can include your name, location, interests, and any website links to your personal profiles as long as the link destination does NOT include explicit material. Also you can provide us with an html code for a photo slide show through
Rock You.com.

My business does not offer products or services online, how would I benefit?
Although you may not own an online retail or service business, having a sponsor page will allow many people to discover your business, products and/or services, and location.

I do not have a website for my business; can I have any extra features on my sponsor page?
Unfortunately at this time, we are only offering a single sponsor page/VIP member.
However, if you would like to create you own website through, Webs.com or another provider, WSR still provides your own basic sponsor page with a direct link to your site. This way you get to have your own site and you receive plenty of advertisement for your business and website.

What do you mean, “put an application on retainer”?
This simply means we will hold your application in our records and if one of our VIP Members withdraws then we will contact you and determine if you are still interested in becoming a VIP Member.